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2,600֏ Ex Tax:2,600֏


Smoked SalmonAvocadoCucumbersesame seeds..

4,200֏ Ex Tax:4,200֏

Asaru yaki

PorkShrimpcabbageMushroomsEgg noodles..

1,500֏ Ex Tax:1,500֏

Baked cannelloni

EggFlourSuluguniMozzarellaFetaParmesan & Dutch Cheeses..

3,200֏ Ex Tax:3,200֏

Beef carpaccio

Beef sirloinCapersParmesanbalsamic..

4,800֏ Ex Tax:4,800֏

Beef salpicao

beef sirloinBroccoliBell PepperworcestershireOysterGreen Beans..

4,900֏ Ex Tax:4,900֏

Beef steak

Beef sirloinonion soya sauce..

3,800֏ Ex Tax:3,800֏

Beef stroganoff


3,600֏ Ex Tax:3,600֏

Beef yaki

SalmonBeef sirloinAvocadoCucumbersesame seedsspicy sauce..

3,500֏ Ex Tax:3,500֏


beef sirlointonkatsu sauce..

2,600֏ Ex Tax:2,600֏

Big crispy salmon

SalmonCrab SticksAvocadoCucumbertartar sauce..

2,700֏ Ex Tax:2,700֏


Beef HeartLiverpotatoesTomatoesCarrotPepper..

1,750֏ Ex Tax:1,750֏

Brend ice cream

Ice-creamCreamDry fruits..

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